Why Learn Mimicry ?

A talent that stands out from all other talents.

MIMICRY is a performance art that has awed audiences time and time again.

Here is an example of Lilly Wilker performing in one of the greatest talent shows America's got Talent posted in YouTube.

A mimicry artist and his or her performance is often mesmerizing and hard to forget. An artist easily becomes a celebrity among peers.

Learnmimicry.com brings to you the golden opportunity to learn the mesmerizing art of Mimicry.

This rare form of art not only lets the artist stand out but get greater attention among other common art forms such as singing, dancing or even magic tricks.

Lilly with Mr. Steve Harvey in Little Big Shots

Due to its rarity mimicry has often been regarded as a highly entertaining and attention grabbing performance art.

Here is another video of Lilly posted in America's got Talent YouTube channel.


Unlike ever before, Learnmimicry.com brings to you the rare opportunity to learn the captivating art of mimicry through our 2 months extensive course.

Inside the course, you will learn 20+ sounds along with the mindset and skills to develop your own sounds.

Our course is suitable for children of all ages starting from 2 to 18 years of age.

You will have 12 months access to our course, community and the free bonuses. Thereafter you may choose to renew or cancel your membership as needed.

In the best interest of our student’s learnability, the course materials will be delivered in 2 days intervals. This gives ample time to practice each sound.

The course will be delivered by none other than Mr. Korah Jimmy himself who has performed the art of Mimicry for more than 12 years.

You can access the course using a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or even a smart tv.

Our bonus courses such as the YouTube Channel Secrets will be accessible at the end of the course.

Stage etiquettes and Storytelling course is included at no additional cost with special reference to conquering stage fright.

With the help of our course and practice our learner will be able to perform the art of Mimicry before any audience and become a star performer in no time.

Do not miss out on this life changing course because this course has the true potential to change your child's life. We cannot wait to see you on the other side.

Please try your free lessons today or click below to buy access to your full Course.

Is your child struggling to stand apart from his/her peers


is he/she craving for the attention he/she deserves


are you simply interested to teach your child mimicry to win events and hearts

if any of the above describes you, do make use of this golden opportunity to gift your child a talent that will last him/her a life time, far more worth than any and all plastic toys and candy bought each year.

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Frequently asked questions.


Mimicry is a unique performance art that lets the artist standout from all the other common forms of art out there. Learning mimicry will turn your child into an artist who will be skilled to perform the art of mimicry before any audiences. Further the confidence and appreciaiton an artist receives throughout his/her life cannot be duplicated. This will definitely bring out the true personality and hidden potential of your child.

So is it worth it? It is priceless.


The course is currently offered in a yearly membership format. You will be able to access the lessons for the period of 12 months. Thereafter you can renew or cancel your membership as per your requirement.


The lessons in the course will be delivered in 2 days intervals. This will not only be good for your child's learnability but it will also help your child appreciate each sounds separately and prevent rushing into the course all at once. You will be able to access the course through your unique login id and password that you create when you sign up for the full course.


Special efforts have been taken to make each lessons of the course short and easy to learn for children of all ages. The lesson are concise yet consists of all the elements needed for an attention grabbing performance.


In addition to the mimicry course your child will receive a Stage Etiquettes Course, Storytelling Course and a YouTube Channel Secrets course absolutely free of cost and will be delivered after the mimicry course. This will make the full course a complete package needed to turn your child into a confident and skilled stage performer who is ready to amaze any audiences.


Yes. For your peace of mind, we are offering a 30 days refund policy on our course. If you have any issues with the course, send us an email any time at support@learnmimicry.com and we will help.

If you have any more questions please feel free to email us at support@learnmimicry.com and we will be happy to help you.

Simply try our free lessons with your child if you haven't and get the full course when you're ready.

Please note that learnmimicry.com is not associated to Americas’ got Talent, Mr. Steve Harvey, NBC or Miss Lilly Wilker however would love to. Their videos available on YouTube are only linked on learnmimicry.com to serve as examples of great talent shows and not to deceive our buyers.